Walking with you as you birth your creation.


What are you creating?

So you've had an idea, perhaps even written down the beginnings of the idea…the zygote of the creative birthing process has already been implanted and is waiting to be nourished and given space to grow.

Now what?

I walk with you as you tend, nurture and birth your creation.

Creations can be ANYTHING!

Let's walk together

- creative mapping -

- energetic assistance -

- creative mapping -


🌟 I help map out the next steps to support you and your creative endeavor.

🌟 I stand with you in support of your journey on a weekly or bi-monthly adventure where anything is possible!

🌟 An example of diving deep has often included allowing me to witness the creation in all stages during our time together, and allowing for the guidance of Source/Spirit, Guides, Elements, Angelics, Galactic allies and more, to be in service of your creation. 

If you do not wish to reveal the fullness of your project with me, please be prepared with specific ways you'd like to examine the project or your experience of creating.

- next steps -

- energetic assistance -

- creative mapping -


 🌟 Choose: 4, 8, or 12 sessions where we meet, via Zoom, either weekly or bi-monthly.

Each recorded session is approximately 1 - 1.5 hours.  

Some of the things we will do in our journey together include:

  • Time Management: Cultivating a calendar of supportive deadlines.

  • Conscious Collaborator and loving, but firm, accountability partner during the course of our time together.

  • Energetic weed removal: Dealing with anything that may arise as a blockage towards your sovereign creation.

  • Examining what you are being asked to contribute to the betterment of humanity and the universe.

- energetic assistance -

- energetic assistance -

- energetic assistance -


Through the nature of creation, we often come up against our own blocks, places we have not seen ourselves, areas where our shadow is still running the process.  

These are all parts that we address when working together in this specific capacity. 

And if there is something calling to you that is not offered, please let me know and we can discuss.

💖 With love and gratitude for you always and in all ways.

Options are truly endless and the very process of allowing me to walk with you on the journey is itself a creative endeavor that often reveals the next steps on our adventure. 


All packages are good for 2 years from date of donation.

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